The Writer's Tag

Hello Guys!I was inspired to do the writer's tag when I saw it on another blog. 

The Writing Tag...1. What type of writing do you do?Well...I write novels. And fiction in general. I also blog a lot, which sorta' counts. 2. What genres and/or topics do you write about?My favorite genre to write is Dystopian, although I also love Christian Fiction, fairytale, and fantasy. 3. How long have you been writing?I got really serious when I was twelve, so around five years. But I've written since a kid (if you include writing assignments).  4. Are you published?
Sadly, no. 😢😭 5. What was the first story you ever wrote?A funny story about two girls. It was called MARY KATE'S NEW SHOES.  6. Why do you write?My head will explode if I don't write down all the stories. Book inspiration comes SO fast. 7. How do you find time to write?I prioritize so that I will have time. Whenever I have a free moment to write, I take it. 8. When and where are the best times to write?In my office, but no…

Fairytale Retellings// To See The Dawn

Today I will be featuring a new story that I am shiver-me-timbers excited about.

Over the years I have loved fairytale retellings. LOVED EM'. Ever since I was twelve I loved the brother's Grimm complete book of fairytales. But to me, they are a little less intriguing to older readers. So I wanted to give them more depth, more flavor. Granted, one can never replace the originals! After all, we retellers are using those good old stories as foundations 😉. But I am announcing my first attempt at a The Little Mermaid retelling! It's been titled To See the Dawn, and I promise it won't be a normal mermaid tale. Although there will be quite a few hints from the old classics.

Have y'all ever read the original little mermaid story as told by Hans Christian Anderson? I will tell you it just makes me so sad. 😭😢 It's little wonder Disney decided to let 'Ariel' live happily ever after with her prince! Here's the summary as found on Wikipedia:


Let's Get Serious// Interview With Main SFTS Character

Why hello there!

I thought now would be a great time to start back up with my writing blog. But first, I have an announcement...

.... ..... .... ..... .... ..... .... ..... .... ..... .... ..... ....Oh fine. It's not such a huge deal that I need all of that! The announcement is simply that this blog is about to become haven to all my other novels. The second part of the announcement (there is a second part :) !) is that this blog isn't just Sheltered from the Storm Books any longer. It is now called The Midnight Writer, and is about to go through major changes! So keep an eye out for all those lovely changes.

Now to the business of this post. I am now doing interviews with my characters to help you get a feel for them. I think it will also give you an in-depth glance at their lives. The character I'm interviewing today is Annastasia Robin Liberty, my main character from the SFTS (Sheltered from the Storm Series).

Our topic of choice 

The Interview


Oh Okay, Plot...

Oh bother...I suppose I committed.  I'll just start with a synopsis and a few quotes from the books. 
Synopsis for Book One: The Robin's Storm
A MAN: Paul Liberty stood for truth in a murderous maze known as the Purging...that was years ago- but his legacy still calls. His stand will not soon be forgotten by his friends- or his enemies.
A GIRL: In the country of Cantavia, a sixteen-year-old girl lives in peace. Or does she? When her brother is kidnapped, Annastasia embarks on a journey to recover him- with only her most trusted friends as companions.  A CITY:Endon City is full of depravity. Ruled by a tyrannous President, who knew that it had once been a Christian city? 
Will Annastasia rely upon her God alone when put to the test? Will she stand firm, even when nothing seems certain? Will she unravel the secrets meant to remain so?

Synopsis for Book Two: The Robin's Flight
ANNASTASIA:Faced with terrible truths and difficult decisions...Annastasia returns to the scene in Boo…


Dear Reader,
I know I have not exactly explained my book(s) as of yet. I've coughed up some about the setting of Book One, but I haven't talked plot or characters yet. Sorry...*sheepish lopsided grin*. The next post will be plot. It's going to take me a little while to figure out how to tell you about The Robin's Storm (book one) without spoiling much of anything for you. But I'm thinkin' about it/workin' on it:).

Please, just bear with me. I'll get to it!


SFTS Spoof Art!

Here's a spoof promo drawing I did for my book...*I am so glad this isn't what my main character looks like...she's NOT a bird:)*.

My Book's World

Hi! I just have an assignment that I did for school to share. It's on the setting of my book.